Sunday, October 25, 2009


You can smell the heat here
like dog food factory
evaporated acid rain,
it rises from our skin,
our bodies dissipating
into a drug that will save us

we build buildings
from marble--
shopping malls,
constructing coliseums,
citadels to consumerism
we beat the raw earth
with the jackhammer,
the steel-toed boot
and the Italian leather shoes
so we can make
bastions of discrimination
where the homeless made their homes;
we have replaced
the grey wolf
with one
in an Armani suit
who carries a briefcase
and eats poor children
for dinner,

we deny this reality
as we give away table scraps,
putting a bandaid
on a wound
that will not heal
because we won't stop sucking the blood
and we're thirsty
for transfusions,
feeding a disease
that will always want more
until we quiet
the hunger in our bones
and feed the spirit

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